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Late/Absence Procedures

Absence Procedures


Parents and Carers should always telephone the school office on 01344 860106 where a message can be left on the absence line or send an e-mail if their child is not attending school by 9.15am. 


The School Receptionist will telephone parents on the first morning of an absence if notification has not been received.


A written explanation must be provided when the child returns to school. Registers are checked regularly and where there is an unexplained absence, a written request will be sent for an explanation.


After three weeks, the absence will be marked as unauthorised if no reason is provided. Regular analysis of absenteeism will be carried out and letters may be sent to parents if attendance falls below expected levels.


Please refer to the Attendance Policy for further information.

Late Procedures


School gates open: 08:30am

Whistle blow: 08:40am

Children go into class: 08:40am


Children need to be in their playground in time for the whistle so that they can go into class promptly and be registered. Please help your child get to school on time.


Both gates will be opened as normal at 08:30am, however, once the whistle has been blown, the main gate will be closed and all parents will be asked to exit the site via the side gate.


If you arrive after the whistle has been blown you will need to go around to the main office (no entry will be allowed via the gates). In the office, you will need to complete a late form for your child and they will then be allowed through into school.