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Thursday 1st

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and follow your Maths path.  If you can't remember how to filter the courses, check out Mrs. M's help video on the 'Useful Videos for remote learning' star on the front class page.

Please complete at least two nuggets (scoring 80% on each laugh)


Using your list 'for' and 'against' killing King Duncan, and the list that Y6 made in school together, complete the planning sheet for your discussion text. For every point, give some more information abut why this is a reason 'for' or 'against'

i.e. 'Lady Macbeth will stop nagging', would be: One of the benefits of Macbeth agreeing to this unthinkable crime is that it will put an end to his wife's nagging.  Lady Macbeth is a very determined woman and has been harassing Macbeth about this plan for a long time.  If she does get what she wants, she might, finally, leave the poor soldier in peace.

Can you use a thesaurus to find as many synonyms for 'killing' and 'king' as you possibly can, as we're probably going to need those words a lot in this piece of writing and if we repeat ourselves too much, it's going to become extremely boring...