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Friday 5th

Teams call 9am.

Log onto our teams call at 9am ready to hear the plan for the day. 


Log on and exercise with Joe - you might not see him for a while... crying

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and complete today's assignment 'Y6 NVR 5.3.21'. wink

There are two nuggets to complete today: one called 'Find the figure like the first three' and one called 'Complete the Pair'.  Look carefully, make links and repeat nuggets where you have not scored more than 60%.


Watch the lesson below on writing and solving formulae (more than one formula).  Make sure you have a pencil and paper with you to complete the activities during the lesson.  Once you have done that, choose your level of challenge from the three practice sheets underneath.  I will post the answers later for you to mark your work with red pen.  After this, please submit it to us, complete with scribbles if you would like any help with anything.  smiley



Continue with your timelines from yesterday...can you add images? Can you add the key events eg WW2?

Ext: Can you find out when women stopped 'belonging' to their husband and were allowed to have their own property and money?


Watch Mr. Miller demonstrate this week's challenge for the BVSG.  Have a good go and then remember to submit your scores to help take Y6 to victory!!! yes

Shuffle Punches

Still image for this video

Good afternoon!

Please log onto Teams at 2pm for our afternoon catch-up.

Collective Worship:

Think back to our assemblies this week. We’ve been thinking about how Jesus shower kindness to Zaccaeous and how Zac gave half of his money away to others.
Today we are reflecting on ourselves and next week.
1) What are you looking forward to about coming back to school next week?
2) how will you show kindness to others in school?
3) what will you give to others? It could be a smile, a friend, or someone to talk to