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Logon to Teams at 9am to hear your instructions for the day.


Start the day doing something active.

Fine Motor Skills

Complete pages 7 and 8 of the pencil control booklet.


Please continue writing the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and add it to the Onenote page.



Start with your speed sounds using your booklets, flash cards or a video on the link below.


In the Sun

Try writing some words with the a-e sound.

Can you write some sentences with the words?


Tom Thumb

Have you ever lost anything precious?  How did you feel?

You are going to write a poster to help find Tom Thumb.

Use the writing frame to help you.  I suggest that you use this as a guide and that you don't write directly on the sheet.



How well have you understood addition and subtraction?  Try the questions below to find out.

Want a little extra?

Mental Maths

Choose adding or subtracting to 10 or 20 or number bonds.



Go through the PowerPoint and then collaborate with someone in your household to complete the task. 



Please listen to Mrs Bagshaw read The Great Cheese Factory

Collective Worship

Please enjoy and join in with today's hymn Lord of the Dance


Reflection: Look at the picture. What is happening? What do the people think about Jesus? How do you know? 

Lord Of The Dance Hymn (Contemporary Worship Song)

Lord Of The DanceI danced in the morningWhen the world was begun,And I danced in the moonAnd the stars and the sun,And I came down from heavenAnd I danced on...