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School Council


Binfield C.E. Primary School (V.A.) School Council is made up of 14 children between Years 1 and 6.  In the Autumn term, we invite two children from each year group (four from Year 6) to become members of the council.  We discuss the ideas and suggestions of our classmates, helping to improve the school and our learning environment.


The Vice chairperson ensures everyone is involved and runs the meeting if the Chair person is away.  The Secretary’s role is to help prepare the agenda, type the minutes at the meeting and distribute the minutes to all.  The Treasurer is in charge of the budget and reports to us about how much we have spent.


An adult helps us with the smooth running of the School Council. We meet every Friday lunchtime, following an agenda which has been written by the School Council executive. Regular items include apologies, a prayer, suggestion boxes, and A.O.B (any other business). Other items can be added to the agenda by adults who work in the school, governors and FOBS. Each week we feed back to our classes about what has been discussed at the school council meeting, sometimes carrying out surveys to get more responses before making a decision about something that has been discussed.


Our responsibilities have included taking visitors around the whole school, running the Toilet and Cloakroom awards by checking to make sure they are tidy and encouraging children to use the thinking ‘Power Tools’. We find out what pupils think in an annual survey and we try to find ways to make sure everyone feels happy and safe.


Some of the things we have co-ordinated include carrying out pupil surveys with our classes to find out what children think about school, working with FOBS to purchase some new playground equipment for children to play with during break and lunchtimes and organising Binfield’s Got Talent.


In the past, we have presented to Governors and invited them to our meetings, organised for an outside classroom to be built and playground markings to be painted.   We also hold class councils where we get ideas to talk about at the meeting.