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wb 12.07.21 Sports Week

Sports Week

This week is Sports Week. Join us for lots of different challenges and try to beat your own personal best. 


Personal Challenges

These are daily challenges. The first two days are practise days. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday please record your scores. Can you beat your scores? How have you improved?


Reading Comprehension 

This week please choose one out of the three reading activities to do daily. 

One star - Paddling 

Two star - Snorkelling 

Three star - Diving 


Olympic and Paralympic Bucket List

Click on the link below. Have a go at the different challenges over the week to complete the bucket list. 

If you want you can have a go at creating your own bucket list and then completing the activities. 


Have a go at one of the Cosmic Yoga activities. Here is one linked to oceans. 


The video will explain how to write an acrostic poem. Pick one of the School Games values to write an acrostic poem about. You can use words like the video or phrases starting with that letter. 


Look at the School Games Values.  Be creative and design your own piece of art work to show either one or all of the values. You can use whatever you wish to create your poster. You may want to use the little people on each value. There is an example below that you can look at. 

Mega Movers

We are thinking about the importance of movement. Have a go at the activities attached and learn some more about movement and your brains. 


Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

Here is a video that might help you with some movement ideas.

Olympic Nations

Have a look at the website link below and pick one of the activities to do.

1. Find out about one of the sports and write some sentences about what you learnt.

2. Can you design your own flag?

3. Have a look at the link below with all the Olympic and Paralympic Mascots. Have a go at designing your own for a future games. 

PSHCE - Changing Me

This term we have been thinking about changes that happen to us. 

Think about what you are looking forward to next year. How do you feel about moving to Year 3?

Make a leaf mobile.

On one side of the leaf write about:

  • one thing you like about being who you are
  • one thing you look forward to when you get older
  • one thing you would like to change next year and what you will do to change this, for example, get better at reading by practising more often.

On the other side of the leaf explain how you feel about getting older and facing new challenges. 

Other Activities

Create your own obstacle course using things around the house or in your garden. 

Can you include a balance, high and low shapes or even a jump?

Once you have set up your obstacle course, can you give someone else instructions of what to do?


Water Safety Passport - can you spot the dangers in the posters?

Listen to the Water Safety Song

Design your own water safety poster to help other children.

Collective Worship

Assembly 12 July 2021

Paul and Damascus Acts 9:1-19

Stand Up Stretches

This video features a great set of stretches to stretch out your whole body, including both dynamic and static stretches.

This Little Light of Mine

Year 5 Sharing Assembly July 21