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W/b 24.05.21



Your English work this week is a Mayan Writing Project! Look at the PowerPoint below and choose an activity to complete.

Make sure you research the Mayans first and plan your activity before you start it!

Read Chapter 4 of 'How to Train Your Dragon.'

Choose whether you want to paddle, snorkel or dive and complete the questions below.


Tuesday - 24-hour clock

Wednesday - Years, months, weeks and days

Thursday 1 - Analogue to digital activity


Thursday 2 - Analogue to digital - 12 hour

Friday - Analogue to digital - 24 hour

Art Day!

In school today, we are designing and making our own Mayan Gods out of clay. If you have clay or playdoh at home, you may wish to give this a go. If not, follow the link below and complete some of the drawing tutorials on Art Hub for Kids.

Art Hub for Kids


Foundation Subjects

French: Listen to the sound clips and read the information on 'How are you?' using the link below. Practise asking the adults in your house how they are!



Use the below Scratch link. Can you:

-Add another dinosaur?

-Make all three have a conversation?

-Get them to move to the apple using 'broadcast'?

-Make the apple bounce when the music is played?