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7.3.22 Assessment Week

Assessment Week 


This week we are assessing your children in school, whilst these booklets at home will not be assessed we encourage your children to complete them to gain practise and confidence when completing booklets in school. Your children need to complete the booklets on their own. Once they have finished the booklet you can ask them to have a read of their booklets and check they have answered every question. Each booklet can take up to one morning to complete, except for the Friday activities. After they have finished, please watch the taught videos below to check your child's understanding. 

Morning Tasks

Monday Activity


Watch this video to check your answers

Tuesday Activity

Once you have downloaded the Reasoning Paper, watch the video below as Miss Tissot asks you the mental math questions. 


Watch this walk through to check your work,

Wednesday Activity

Thursday Activity

Friday Activities

Year 2 Splling

Watch this video and follow along to complete the spelling test.

Afternoon Activities

Motor Skills

In the afternoons this week we would like you to focus on developing your fine and gross motor skills. We would like you to complete a range of activities throughout the week. Some of these link with our curriculum and some are for you to explore different senses and develop your strength. 

Fine Motor Activites

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Throwing large ball against a wall