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9am Teams Meeting 

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P.E. with Joe Wicks 

Reading Comprehension 

This week your challenge is to read the text within 90 seconds! Can you get an adult to time you? 


Wb 8th February








Watch this taught video and after complete the task below. 

Block Diagrams


Please watch the taught video below as Miss Tissot explains how to write an acrostic poem about yourself. 


Wednesday - Starter Activity

Can you collect adjectives and adverbs that start with the letters in your name?

Now you have collected adjectives and adverbs watch the main part of our lesson as Miss Tissot guides you how to write your acrostic poem. We are going to be writing it neatly tomorrow so don't be afraid to play with the words and edit your writing as you go. 

Wednesday main task

Now you have collected your adjectives and other words, watch this taught lesson by Miss Tissot on how to create your poem.

Have a go at writing your own acrostic poem in draft form. Tomorrow we will write it up neatly. 

Mental Maths 


Watch the video below of 'You are Special' by Max Lucado. There is an important message in that story of why we shouldn't judge each other.  After you have watched the video, choose one or two of the activities below to complete. 

You Are Special - Max Lucado

What makes you special?

2pm Teams Call 

Please log in to our feedback meeting to go through our maths lesson today. 

Collective Worship

Wednesday Assembly

Still image for this video


Please look at the sheet below. This is to work on all week. By the end of the week you should have mastered this pattern. Some of the patterns are words and some are letter patterns for you to master. If you want to do more, try writing a sentence with these words. 

Before you begin your handwriting you may wish to warm up your hands using some of these exercises.

Story Time 

Super Duper You by Sophy Henn