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wb 4.10.21


Mini London Marathon 

We are starting our days on an active note! Can you walk, jog or run for 5 minutes without stopping? 

English  - The Black Hat 


Look at this pictures. Use it to write a prediction about the story. What will this story be about? Use the word because in your answer. 


I think this story will take place...

I predict the main character of this story is...

I can’t wait to read this story because...


Watch the clip below. Were you right? What do you think of the story? Do you like it? 

The Black Hat

Still image for this video

Wednesday - GRAMMAR

Today we are learning about verbs. What is a verb? Watch the video below. 


Use your learning and the word mat to fill out the spaces on the sheet below. 


Can you now use your verbs and adverbs to make a verb poem? Read the instructions on the sheet. 



Watch the film again. Imagine you are the main character, the boy. Write what you think he is saying at different parts of the story. 


Monday - Fact Families

Tuesday - Check Calculations

Wednesday - Compare number sentences

Thursday - Know your bonds

Friday - Related facts

Reading Comprehension

We are now focusing on fluency and comprehension in our phonics sessions.  Please read and complete the comprehension questions that are in line with your reading stage.

Stage 6 and below  - one star

Stages 7 – 8  - two stars 

Stages 9 + - three stars 

Afternoon Subjects


Why are rules important? What rules do we follow in school? Can you think about any new rules that we need to include to keep us all safe and happy? 

R.E. - Harvest Festival 

What does the Harvest Festival mean to you? We are working on reducing our food waste. Do you have a compost? Do you keep peelings to make gravy? Can you use pepper seeds to regrow your plants?

How can you help reduce your food waste?


P.E. Challenge!

Still image for this video


We have been looking at artefacts and objects from Florence's time. She was famous for her lamp. Do you know why? Can you make a lamp like Florence's?


How do you keep clean? Why is it important?

Story Time 

Can you choose 5 different books this week? How can you make links between them?