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During their time at Binfield C.E. Primary School (V.A.) we aim for all pupils to experience being and developing the characteristics needed to be an artist.

The Art curriculum is based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (2018) and the National Curriculum (2014). In YR, art is integrated within the ‘’Exploring and use media and materials”. In Years 1-6, we have divided the Art curriculum into Breadth of Study (what knowledge needs to be studied/what context the learning is done through) and Threshold Concepts (the big ideas and skills that need to be taught, repeated and built upon over time so that the learning is progressively deepened).


In Art, we use Chris Quigley milestones to support teaching art progressively, and building knowledge and skills across and within year groups. It is designed to support specialist and non-specialist teachers in their planning. Throughout the term, the lessons are based on developing skills and linked with the wider topic and based on their previous learning.


In order to inspire and to bring shock and wonder, our children we explore ‘works of masters’ as a starting point for our planning. We also welcome local artists into our school to give the children real world experience and inspire them to become sculptures, painters, printers, woodworkers, stone masons and digital artists.


Through our inclusive curriculum children are exposed to a range of media and crafts in their time here. The main skills are taught and developed through a range of media throughout the key stages.


This subject is co-ordinated by Simone Tissot and Becky Bailey