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Thursday 04.02.2021

Morning Task 8:30-9:00am


TT Rockstars - challenge your friends or try and beat your own scores.

We are checking your scores. Your target to reach at least 20mins a day!

9am Teams


Please may you log onto Teams at 9am for our Daily Welcome and explanation of the work for the day.

Guided Reading 9:30-10:00


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English 10:00-10.50


Fact or Opinion

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Handwriting 10.50 - 11.20

Maths 11:35-12:20

First try and practice your 8 times table on Hit the Button! laugh

Next work through the powerpoint with audio notes from Miss Watton laugh
Finally, choose a sheet to complete!cool

French 13:10-13:40

Work through these interactive activities and online games to learn the names of the European countries in French. wink

French 4.2.2021.mp4

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Music 13.40 - 14.00

We are having lots of fun learning how to read musiclaugh

Continue your journey with the lesson below. Maybe you could use your new skills to create your own rhythm with things in your house!cheeky

2pm Teams 


We hope to see you for a round up of the day. There will also be a chance to share any work you have completed.

Century Tech 14.30 - 14.50

Make sure you complete all set assignments. It is important that you watch all the videos which go with the nuggets as they will help you to achieve a higher score. 

Reading/Story Time 14.50 - 15.10

Watch this Sausage Dog Story below! laugh

Then you can spend the rest of the time reading independently or reading an online Oxford Owl book. 

Sausage Dog Story with Miss Watton!

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Collective Worship

Watch this assembly by Mrs Mistry. 


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