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NOTE - Today, we would like you to compete your English assignment on teams today.

Mental Maths

We'd like you to spend 20 minutes on T.T. Rockstars - including a sound-check.


The Game is On!

This week, there's a TT Rockstars Battle between 5TA (Totally Awesome!) and 5JS (Jolly Smart!). May the best team win!


Century Tech

We would like to to complete the assignment called "11 Feb - Maths" today. It has 3 parts, all of which are about perimeter.




The handwriting is to be completed at a convenient time during the day.


Choose the right word.mp4

Still image for this video
Watch the video above and pause the video to complete the sentences. Select the most sensible word that goes into the missing spaces.

Guided Reading

On p.g. 29, Skellig states ‘Most of me is Arthur’. What does he mean by this? Use PEE (Point, Evidence and Explain) in your answer. When you have finished your answer, you may like to highlight the PEE.

Think about what Skellig is referring to and find the evidence in the text with the page numbers. Then explain in detail using the information you already know :) 


Today, you're going to be writing up your poem using the learning from last week. Post your poem on Onenote or Teams and we look forward to reading them.


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Watch the video above and refer to the learning that you completed last week. Make sure you decide on your activity and use the marking ladder to write an effective poem. Below are some resources to help you.
If you would like to see the poem called 'The Cave of Curiousity' please refer Monday's page.



First, watch Video 1 and complete the starter activities.


Then, watch Video 2 and complete the activities.

Video 1

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Video 2

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Now after watching the video complete the sheet.

If you are feeling confident, have a go at one of the extension tasks.

The answers to yesterday's Maths activities are here.


Dreams and goals piece 6 Yr5

Watch Mrs Duncan teach you about this week's PSHCE.

Collective worship

Assembly - Thursday.mp4

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Watch Mrs Mistry's video and think about the message in the Bible reading. What does it mean to you?