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At Binfield CE Primary School (VA), we encourage the children to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics by providing them with a variety of practical activities, games and problem solving tasks that relate to their everyday experiences. We celebrate the importance of maths with an annual Maths Enrichment Week; these have focused on outdoor learning, problem solving and have featured whole school problems, and the Mathemagician, Andrew Jeffrey.


Through a daily Maths lesson, the children are encouraged to develop the ability to recognise the size of a number and where it fits into the number system. We consider it essential that children know their number facts and are able to apply them in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children work on a Mental Maths minute every day where they practice their knowledge of key number facts. We also have Binfield Maths non-negotiables, key number bonds and multiplication tables, that the children practise and are tested on regularly.


Cross curricular opportunities are used to develop and consolidate mathematical skills. The importance of problem-solving is emphasised, and should be embedded in all maths activities. We teach the children to solve problems mentally and we equip them with the strategies needed to develop flexible methods of calculation. We encourage the children to record their mental jottings on whiteboards during mental work, and in their maths books.


The school promotes a consistent approach in written calculations and is keen to ensure that home learning supports the methods developed at school. We encourage practical experience of telling the time, handling money and using measures in home learning. Above all, a parent’s positive approach to mathematics makes the most impact on a child’s learning.


This subject is co-ordinated by John Sutton and Sophie Corah.

This page was updated on 25th March 2019