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9.00 If you are available, join our teams call to say 'hello' and hear about some of today's activities!



Today, join in with a 'PE with Joe' exercise class. They start at the same time as our class meeting, so you can rewind and watch from the start. Here is a link to Joe Wicks' channel -


Here is the link to this week’s White Rose Maths videos - Today is session 3.

This week you might need a bucket or bag for hiding objects and a few small items/counters.



Time for a bit of a break and maybe a snack! Make sure you are really helpful and you tidy up all your things when you have finished!

Read Write Inc. 

RWI - Words with 'sh'

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Countries with a rainy season!

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Videos are quite long so you will probably only want to watch a couple of minutes of each as the rain is not the most exciting after a while!

A Rainy Day in a Bangladeshi Village during monsoon season

A rainy walk through Bangkok, Thailand


Time for lunch! You could help cook your lunch or get things ready if your grown up thinks you can do it safely. After you have eaten, see if you can tidy all your things away just like you do at school!

Then have some time to relax, ask your grown ups what will fit in with your family life!


2.00 - If you are able to, join all our teachers and the children in school for a teams call!


Fine Motor Skills

Dough disco with Mrs Gogarty and Mrs Bowles!

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Celebrations lesson part 2

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How to make your firework picture

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Collective Worship

Love - We can all help the world to have more love. Each day, we have the opportunity to show love to those around us.

Christians believe that God loves everyone very much. They believe that God wants this love to spread out to the world through our words and our actions.

Ask the children what they can do today to show love to others. Examples could be to give someone a hug, help someone at home or play with someone different in the playground. Often, our smallest actions have a big effect when they are carried out in love.

Ask the children to sit quietly and think about what they are going to do today to show love to others.


Dear God,
We thank you for your love.
We thank you for all the people who show love to us.
Please help us to spread more love in the world by behaving in loving ways.
Please help us to do something every day to show people that we care.

Story Time

The Lion and the Mouse - Mrs Bowles

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