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NOTE - Today, we would like you to complete your Guided Reading on Teams. You can find the text and an audio file for each day on this website. Please complete the activity by accessing Teams and selecting the assignment named " 22.2.21 Guided Reading". 


Mental Maths

We'd like you to spend 20 minutes on T.T. Rockstars - including a sound-check.


Century Tech

Please follow your learning pathway and complete a reading nugget. Remember to filter out the courses on your pathway so that you only have the English ones. Then find the course which has the following code underneath [PRO...] which is the Primary Reading nugget. 


If you would like further help with how to do this, watch the video here:



The handwriting is to be completed at a convenient time during the day.

Guided Reading

Read chapter 14 of Skellig (you may listen and read-along if you like) and answer the questions for Friday on Teams.

Skellig chapter 14 read out-loud



Watch the video below which contains instructions on how to complete today's tasks.

Today's Video

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Aut5.12.1 - Counting Squares.m4v

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After watching the video above, choose your level of challenge from the tasks below:


Year 5 WEEK 1 Side Kicks.mp4

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See if you can follow Mr Field's instructions on how to do side kicks.

Collective worship

Please watch Mrs Brazell's Assembly