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This week we are completing the two booklets in class. Please complete a few questions each day to complete the booklets by the end of the week. You may read the questions to your children for the reasoning paper but not the arithmetic. Once you child has completed each booklet. Please watch the videos below to go through the questions with the teacher. 


Maths Arithmetic 

KS1 Maths SATS 2017 | Paper 1 Arithmetic | Complete Walkthrough

Once you have completed the Maths Arithmetic paper please watch the video to help you answer your questions.

Maths Reasoning Paper 

KS1 Maths SATS 2017 | Paper 2 Reasoning | Complete Walkthrough

Once you have completed the Maths Reasoning paper please watch the video to help you answer your questions.



Today we are learning the end of our story.  Can you remember the actions from last week? 

Tuesday - Character description

Today we are describing our main character, the Tiger! Watch the taught lesson below. Can you expand your sentences?


The tiger was stripey and large. Gracefully he prowled into the house searching for something to eat. 

Wednesday - Grammar Focus 

Today we are learning about contractions. Watch the taught lesson below and then complete the activity. 

Contractions - Mr Thorne Does Grammar

Now you have watched the video can you match the contractions to their expanded versions? 

Thursday - Grammar Focus

Now watch this taught video on apostrophes. They're used in a different way! 

Apostrophes for Possession - Mr Thorne Does Grammar

Can you write a sentence with apostrophe for possession? 


Would you be surprised if an animal visited you? Watch the taught video below and edit your story map showing 3 changes. 

Mental Maths 

Reading Comprehensions

Afternoon Lessons


Watch the story of Abraham. What was happening in the story when God came? Draw a story map to show this. 

Why are these stories important to Jews? 

God's Story: Abraham and Sarah

God makes a promise to Abraham. God always keeps his promises, but sometimes we have to wait for them.

P.E. Games 

12 Fun physical education games at home

Watch the video and complete a few of the activities to do at home.

P.S.H.C.E. Relationships Lesson 1 

This term we are learning about healthy and happy relationships. Why do we have families? What does your family look like? Look at the pictures, how many different families can you spot? How are the families the same and different? What can we do to make our family a happy one? Write a recipe for a happy home on the mixing bowl. 


Draw a map of your local habitat. Think about the trees, plants and animal homes. What animals might you find? Watch the video below and then have a go at sorting animals into their habitats. 

Can you match the animals to their habitat?