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Start the day doing something active

Fine Motor Skills - Letter Formation

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Practise writing the letters 'u' and 'v' with Mrs Corah


Learn/revise the new sounds

'u-e' huge brute

Read all the sounds (see list below – you should also have sheets, booklets or flash cards in your book bag )


ea as in tea,  oi as in spoil,  a-e as in cake,
   i-e as in smile,  o-e as in home,  u-e as in huge,
   aw as in yawn,  are as in care,  ur as in nurse,
   er as in letter,  ow as in cow,  ai as in rain,
   oa as in boat,  ew as in chew,  ire as in fire,
   ear as in hear,  ure as in pure

   ue as in rescue,  ie as in tie,
    au as in astronaut,  e-e as in complete,
    kn as in knock,  ck as in clock,
    wh as in whisk,  ph as in photo

u-e words to read and learn

Try the 'look, cover, write, check' activity.

Miss Hill and Mrs Bagshaw's group will be doing The Greedy Green Gremlin this week.  Everyone else is doing 'Do we have to keep it?'.

Complete the sheet to see if you've understood everything we've learned about place value.

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Listen to Miss Hill read Oliver's Vegetables

Collective Worship

Watch Luke's Assembly on Zacchaeus. (Luke 19:1-10)