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Join our teams call at 9.00 where Mr Johnson will say hello and tell you a bit about today's challenges. Remember this is optional, so don't worry if you have other commitments!


We are going to start each day with a bit of exercise to get our bodies moving!

Watch this video of Mr Gooch and have a go at his challenge!

Mr Gooch's Throwing Challenge!

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We are going to follow the White Rose scheme of work, just like we do at school. They have made some really good videos, so watch ‘session 1’ when you click the following link ( You may want to get some objects/counters and some pots/cups ready so you can join in with the activities.


Grown ups – You can find the scheme overviews, additional activities and linked books that will reinforce the lesson content, please see the following link (


Time for a bit of a break and maybe a snack! Make sure you are really helpful and you tidy up all your things when you have finished!


Play the Obb and Bob game. Choose set 2 and then read the word. Decide if it is a real word or a fake word!


Watch the Video of Mrs Evans reading ‘Rainbow fish’. Draw your own rainbow fish and try and label it by writing the names of the colours. Try and write them on your own first, then get a grown up to write the names correctly. Are any spelt differently to how you sounded them out?

Rainbow Fish - Mrs Evans

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Time for lunch! You could help cook your lunch or get things ready if your grown up thinks you can do it safely. After you have eaten, see if you can tidy all your things away just like you do at school!

Then have some time to relax, ask your grown ups what will fit in with your family life!

2.00 - If you are able to, join all our teachers and the children in school for a teams call!
Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills - Monday

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Topic - All Around the World

All around the world

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All about France with Mrs Bowles!

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Collective Worship


You are welcome to make these prayers your own or you can just reflect on the words and message:


Thank you God for all that grows,
Thank you for the sky’s rainbows,
Thank you for the stars that shine,
Thank you for these friends of mine,
Thank you for the moon and sun,
Thank you God for all you’ve done.


Dear God,
We miss our friends and our school, but we are thankful for being safe and well at home.
We miss our playtimes and games, but we are thankful for the lovely sunshine that lets us play outside.
We miss our lessons and teachers, but we are thankful to our parents and families for helping us to learn at home.
We miss our time at school together, but we are thankful for the key workers helping to keep us all safe.

Blue Peter Reception Rainbow Poem

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Blue Peter are asking children to send in poems and messages of positivity during this challenging time with a possibility of them being published on their wall of fame! I thought this would be an exciting opportunity for children to get involved in! Watch the video for further details, please send your child's ideas thoughts and feelings to to be forwarded to Mrs Gogarty. I'm looking forward to hearing the children's ideas!

The Cave - Mrs Bowles

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