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Morning Task 8:30-9:00am


TT Rockstars - challenge your friends or try and beat your own scores.

We are checking your scores. Your target is to reach at least 20mins a day!

9am Teams


Please may you log onto Teams at 9am for our Daily Welcome and explanation of the work for the day. 

Guided Reading 9:30-10:00

The end

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English 10:00-10.50


Summary Sentence

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Spellings 10.50 - 11.20





Unit 5

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Maths 11:35-12:20

We are going to be using less than, more than and equals today. Therefore, your warm up today is a Century Tech assignment! The assignment is called Comparing Numbers Warm Up 10.2.2021. In this assignment is one nugget called Comparing Numbers with Greater Than and Less Than Symbols <> [PM1.09]. Good Lucklaugh

Next watch this video with Miss Watton all about comparing multiplication equations. laugh

Comparing Multiplications 10.2.2021.mp4

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Your activity is a Crocodile Chaos Game! Watch the video to learn how to play! laugh

Crocodile Chaos Game! 10.2.2021.mp4

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The sheet is attached below if you want to use it. I have also left a couple of examples on it to help remind you how to play. laugh

PE 13.10 - 14.00

Watch these challenges with Mr Gooch!

Then try PE with Joe!laugh

Snowboard Jumps with Mr Gooch!

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Indoor Throw Golf with Mr Gooch!

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2pm Teams 


We hope to see you for a round up of the day. There will also be a chance to share any work you have completed.

Design and Technology 14.30 - 15:00



Please ensure you have adult supervision when preparing food. Please may adults also supervise if you are cooking/cutting/grating anything. Ensure your surfaces are clean and your food is fresh.



Please make a few quick notes on your five senses, ready to write a review tomorrow. 

Making the Sandwich.mp4

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Collective Worship

Wednesday Assembly

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Reading/Story Time 15:00-15.10

The video below with Miss Watton sets the expectation for Stage 10 reading. Have a watch for some tips and tricks! 


Spend the rest of the time reading your own online book and applying the hints and tips. laugh

Stage 10 - Reading for Expression

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