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Tuesday 19th

Good morning:

Log onto Teams at 9am for our early morning 'Hello!'


Join Joe this morning for a wake-up workout!

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and complete today's assignment: 'Y6 Maths 19.1.21'

Please watch the videos fully (we can see how long you spent on them... wink)

There are two nuggets to complete.


Log onto the taught lesson on how to effectively discuss what you've read.

The extract is below.


Watch the taught lesson below on decimals.  Then have a go at the different levels of challenge below..

Tuesday Maths 19.1.21 Three decimal places


Today, we are going to draft some ideas for a poem using Dracula’s Whitby as inspiration. First, watch this video of Mrs Mistry explaining what to do.

Poetry Writing.mp4

Still image for this video


Can you find all of the words in the wordsearch? These are this week's and last week's spellings.


Watch the video below of a Christian wedding; focus on the vows and rings and think about the questions below: 

What do they promise each other? 

What does the ring symbolise? 

Do you think the marriage between a couple can last forever?

Can love last forever?

What other love exists? e.g. love between a parent and a child.

What is different about this love?

Consider what is meant by unconditional.


Then, read the Bible readings about love.

What do they tell us about what Jesus taught us about love?

Present your ideas / findings however you like: a mind map / circle map / poster etc.


Red pen question:

How well do you think Jesus’s teaching shows how Christians should love each other?

Mr. Gooch's challenge for the week

Still image for this video

Good afternoon!

Please log onto Teams at 2pm for our afternoon catch-up.

Collective Worship:

Read the Bible reading 'The Transfiguration'.


Please highlight the word or phrase that stands out to you and means the most to you. Tell someone at home which word you chose and why.

Bible Reading