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Thursday 25th

Good morning!:

Log onto Teams at 9am for our morning 'Hello!'


Join Joe Wicks for his early morning workout.

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and complete today's assignment 'Y6 SPaG 25.2.21'.

There are two nuggets today: one on 'Conjunctions' and one on 'Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions'.

Make sure you watch the videos and go back and repeat any nugget that doesn't score above 80%. (what would that be as a fraction? A decimal?) laugh


Have a go at the percentage SATs style questions below.  You can use either method: percentage bugs or bar models, but please show all of your working out!


Please read 'The Wild Ride' text and answer the comprehension questions. Time yourself for 20 minutes and aim to read the text and answer the questions in this time. Answers will be up tomorrow.


Watch Mrs Mistry show you how to write the next paragraph of your biography.

writing the 'early life' paragraph.mp4

Still image for this video


Watch the video below.  Mrs. M will give you some dictation sentences.  Write them down and, at the end, you can mark them along with Mrs. M.

Spelling Dictation

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Mrs Everett and Mrs Slade-Baker's Spelling group:

Please fill in the story with the missing words - 'ie - ei'.


Watch the video below, as 'M' explains your mission.  Can you investigate the case of the missing body? 


Still image for this video

Good afternoon!

Please log onto Teams at 2pm for our afternoon catch-up.

Collective Worship:

Please watch Mr Johnson's Assembly

Prodigal Son

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