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wb 18.10.21




Monday - Subtraction crossing 10

Tuesday - Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number

Wednesday Activity - Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number

Thursday - Add two 2-digit numbers - not crossing 10

Friday - Add two 2-digit numbers - crossing 10

Reading Comprehension

Afternoon Lessons


Kindness is my Superpower

How can you show your super kind powers? Draw your own superhero showing kindness.


Can you complete this week's challenge?

Still image for this video


Listening to Jesus’ teachings, do you think you are kind to everyone all the time or is this something you need to work on?

How can you be a better friend?

Can we work on being kind to everyone in our class all of the time?

How was Jesus kind to everyone? 

Write a prayer or poem that reflect Jesus' teaching about being kind. 

How do you think learning about Jesus’ teachings will help you to be kind?

Science - Biology 

To understand animals and humans

To identify and classify.

C: To understand that animals and humans have offspring that grow into adults.

Watch the video below about animals and their young. 

After you have watch the video, please match the mothers' to their offspring. 

What is the same? What is different? 


This term we are experimenting with repeating patterns. Can you use vegetables around the house to create different designs like in the video below?

Vegetable Printing