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W/b 7.02.22


Early Morning Activities





Century Tech: complete at least 2 nuggets on 'My Path.'



Spellings: Practise your spellings for this week. 

Monday: Watch the Children's Mental Health Week Virtual Assembly below.

Read the information and watch the video below on synonyms and antonyms.

Activity: Create synonym posters for different emotion words. Write the emotion word in the middle of the page and then add the synonyms around it. You can write or draw the synonym words however you like - perhaps link your drawing to the emotion.


Emotion Words: happy, sad, worried, angry, tired, proud, excited, terrified, bored, calm, frustrated, panicked.

(You do not have to do a poster for all of these words - choose 3 or 4 words).


You may like to use a thesaurus to help you. There is a link to an online thesaurus below.

Plenary: Look at the Wellbeing Challenges below. How many challenges can you complete this week?

Tuesday: Sort the words below into a scale of emotions.

1. Sad - Put the words on a scale from 'least sad' to 'most sad.'

2. Happy - Put these words on a scale from 'least happy' to 'most happy.'

3. Frustrated - Put these words on a scale from 'least frustrated' to 'most frustrated.'

4. Scared - Put these words on a scale from 'least scared' to 'most scared.'

Read the information below about idioms.

Activity: Research what the idioms on the slides below mean and then create posters of these idioms - drawing or explaining what the sound like vs. what they actually mean.

For example: drawing someone jumping over the moon vs. someone with a huge smile on their face.

Wednesday: Watch Jessi, who is autistic, talk about what helped her to cope with her worried about moving on to secondary school (see link below).

Activity: Write a brief sentence about what helps you to feel OK. Draw a picture of it, e.g. Listening to music helps me feel calm. / Remembering a silly joke my grandad told me makes me feel happy.

Read through the information below.

Activity: Choose 6 distraction techniques that you know will help you to feel better or you would like to try out.

Create your own distraction cards using the template below.

Thursday: Watch the video below.

Activity: Write a letter to yourself for you to read when you are having a bad day. It might be a note to yourself to remind you that you are brilliant, unique, have lots of talents and are loved.


Look at my example below to help you.


Use this as an opportunity to show off your Year 6 writing!

For example:

•If I were you, I would…

•I know things are tough right now; they will improve.
•Today may be a bad day: there may be lots of things upsetting on you.
•You can/will get through this!
•When you are finding things tough, focus on the positives.
•Today, just like every other day, will pass.
Challenge: Can you use some of the idioms from Tuesday's lesson in your writing?

Guided Reading

Spend some time completing reading nuggets on Century Tech.






















Foundation Subjects:


Read the information on the link below.

Now, have a go at planning your own fundraising activity using the template below.

Science Lesson 1

Watch the video below.

Use the website below to experiment with using different filters.

If you are able to, have a go at the filter investigation below. 

*Note* You could use a torch on a phone rather than an actual torch and sweet wrappers (e.g. Quality Street) as filters. 

If you are unable to complete the filter experiment, create a poster demonstrating what you have learned about light absorption and filters.

Science Lesson 2

Click the link below and complete the Oak Academy lesson on 'How can you change the size of a shadow?'


Watch the video below.

Activity: Answer the key question using the structure below.


Is anything ever eternal?


Introduction - What does eternity mean?

Paragraph 1 - Do Christians believe that anything is eternal? If so, what and why?

Paragraph 2 - Do you believe anything is eternal? Do you think your beliefs will change over time?


Challenge: Make reference to the Bible in your answer. You may use the Bible passages below.