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NOTE - Today, we would like you to take a photo of your Maths, when you have completed it, and upload it to Teams.

Mental Maths

We'd like you to spend 20 minutes on T.T. Rockstars - including a sound-check.


The Game is On!

This week, there's a TT Rockstars Battle between 5TA (Totally Awesome!) and 5JS (Jolly Smart!). May the best team win!


Century Tech

Please choose two Grammar modules from your learning pathway and complete them, remembering to make note and take your time. To do this, select the next Grammar related nugget from your learning pathway. It may help to filter your learning pathway, so it only shows the 'English' modules.


If you would like further help with how to do this, watch the first video on this page:





The handwriting is to be completed at a convenient time during the day.


Dots and dashes activity. Remember to place a dot on single sounds and a dash for digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters that make one sound).

Guided Reading

Today, you're going to create your very own mysterious creature. There are three differentiated activities you can select from. Remember the PDF and the Word document are the same it's just a different format.

Think about what words or phrases you can use to describe your mysterious character, you can use the literary devices discussed last week to create amazing sentences. 



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Watch the video above explaining how to complete your task. Make sure you keep the learning from last week as it will be useful for this week's poetry writing.



First, watch Video 1 and complete the starter activities.


When you have finished, you can check your answers.


Then, watch Video 2 and complete the activity about multiples of 10, 100 and 1000.

Video 1

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Video 2

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Now after watching the video complete the sheet.

If you are feeling confident, have a go at one of the extensions.

The answers to yesterday's Maths activities are here.

If you would like some more help with column multiplication, you can use this webpage from the BBC:
Safer Internet Day 2021

The Launch

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Collective worship

The Temptation of Jesus

Watch the video clip below which is an animation of Luke 4 1-13. In this clip we see how Jesus had great trust in God despite the devil trying to tempt him. Who do you have great trust in? Why? Share your answer with someone at home.