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Friday 15th


Here are the answers to the Maths questions. (Sorry, we had trouble uploading!) Please mark your work and then correct any errors in red pen/pencil.

Teams call 9am

Log onto our call at 9am ready to hear the plan for the day.


Watch the video below on bar models to help solve fractions problems.

Then have a go at the practice sheet underneath. (There is a Paddling, Snorkelling and Diving option...)

How to work out a fraction video Part 1

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How to work out a fraction Part 2


Remember your comprehension task from Monday on 'The Humble Potato'?

Mrs. Mistry is going to give you the answers.  Can you 'red pen' your own answers to make them the best they can be?

The Humble Potato ANSWERS

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Check out the video where Mrs. Mistry shows you how to edit writing.  Can you go back and edit your own writing by using excellent synonyms and accurate punctuation?

Highlight your new changes and improvement using yellow highlighter. 

Send us your edits on Teams.  

Editing Writing

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is the challenge from Mr. Gooch, below. blush

Friday 15th Berkshire Virtual School Games Challenge

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Collective Worship:

Read or say our school prayer.

How can you use the words in this to help you today and over the weekend?

You might like to create a poster reminder to put on your fridge or notice board (maybe a picture of you following some of the words of the prayer to help someone or do something nice...?)