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9am Teams Call 

Please join us for our Teams meeting this morning 

Berkshire Virtual School Games 

Reading Comprehension

We are now focusing on fluency and comprehension in our phonics sessions.  Please read and complete the comprehension questions that are in line with your reading stage.

Stage 6 and below  - one star

Stages 7 – 8  - two stars 

Stages 9 + - three stars 

Spelling Practise

Please practise your spellings for this week.


Wb 1st February









Please watch the video and complete the task underneath

Make Tally Charts


Please watch this taught lesson on 'The Magic Paintbrush'. 

Click on the link to access taught lessons on the Oak Academy website. 

Mental Maths 

Maths Feedback 

Please watch the video below as Miss Tissot goes through the Math session. Use this to check and correct your work using a different coloured pencil to show your changes. We will also be going through this at the 2pm Teams Meeting. 


Don't forget to turn your assignment in daily for your teachers to see smiley

Tuesday Maths Marking video

Still image for this video

Use the video above and the sheets below to check your work. We will be discussing your work at the Teams Meeting this afternoon.


Today we are continuing to learn about Judaism. Watch this first video and listen as the boy describes his view on being Jewish. 

After that, please watch this video showing in more detail what a Mezuzah is and why it is important to people of the Jewish faith. 

Watch the video to learn more about the Mezuzah?

Now complete the activity below by making a Mezuzah. 

2pm Teams Call 

Please join us for our reflective Teams call

Collective Worship

Watch this assembly by Mrs Mistry. 


Still image for this video


Please look at the sheet below. This is to work on all week. By the end of the week you should have mastered this pattern. Some of the patterns are words and some are letter patterns for you to master. If you want to do more, try writing a sentence with these words. 

Story Time 

The Lorax