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Tuesday 15th SCIENCE SHARE

Century Tech

Log onto Century Tech and follow your Reading path this morning.  Make sure you complete at least 3 nuggets at 80% or more.  Remember, if you don't, go to the notebook on the left hand side and search for the nugget.  If you have forgotten how to filter your courses, then check out Mrs. M's video in the Help star on the front Class page.


Watch the lesson below, which is revising yesterday's lesson on apostrophes.  Make sure you have a pen and paper handy as there will be activities to complete within the lesson.


Watch the video below from 6:24 to 8:00 as he works through a question in which we have to work backwards to solve it.  Then have a go at the questions underneath.

Question 9 - Working Backwards

Watch from 6:24 to 8:00