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W/b 14/3/22


Early Morning Activities





Century Tech: complete at least 2 nuggets on 'My Path.'

Guided Reading

Spend some time completing reading nuggets on Century Tech.




Spellings: Practise your spellings for this week. 



Monday: Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'to identify the main characters and settig in a visual narrative.'

Tuesday: Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'to explore compound sentences.'

Wednesday: Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'to develop a rich understanding of words associated with night time.'

Thursday: Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'to sequence and retell the build up.'


Monday and Tuesday

Spend some time completing your Century Tech maths nuggets. Follow your path and concentrate on something you have been told you need to improve.







Foundation Subjects:




Complete the Oak Academy lesson below on 'What happens in a circuit when we change the components?'


Read the information and watch the videos on the links below.

Create a poster or a leaflet which includes all of the information you have learned about Jesus' death and resurrection. 

Try to include what Jesus' death and resurrection means to Christians.


You might even like to research how some Christians celebrate these two events.


Your activity today is to create your own prezi about a topic of your choosing!

It needs to link to something we have been learning about in Year 6 this year, e.g. Women in History, WWII, Electricity, Light, Macbeth etc.


Try to make your prezis interesting and eye-catching.


The PowerPoint below contains some links to prezis which you may like to look at for inspiration!

It also includes a checklist of what you should be including in your prezi and some guidance for how to do each feature.


Mrs Fenner has a Prezi account that we will be using in school. If you would like access to this account so you can explore Prezi at home - please contact the school office. 


Read the information and watch the video on the link below.

Complete the matching activity below.


There are no right or wrong answers!

The idea of the game is for you to match up the people on the cards with a reason for being part of a gang.
What are the similarities and differences between the way you have matched the cards?
We know that some people choose to join a gang because of:
Financial pressures
Protection (or fear if they don’t join, they will be harmed)
Searching for excitement
Status and the need to have power
Family problems (looking for a group where they feel they belong)
Can you find any cards which exemplify these reasons?