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9am Teams Call 

Please join us for our Teams meeting this morning 

P.E. with Joe Wicks 

Reading Comprehension 

Can you read 90 words in 1 minute? Ask your parents to time you and then answer the questions. 

Spelling Practice

Please practise your spellings for this week.


Wb 22nd February









Please watch this taught lesson and complete the task underneath

Recognise 2D & 3D shapes


Please watch this taught video and complete the task underneath afterwards. 

Monday Lesson

Watch Miss Tissot guide you through our Monday lesson.

A Cloudy Lesson

Watch the uninterrupted video here.

Mental Maths 

Science Week!

Today we are learning about SOUND. Watch the video below to learn about what sound is and how we hear. 

Sound Introduction Video

Watch the introductory video about sound!

After you have watched the introduction video you can now complete the activity. 

Today's activity is called 'What is that sound?'. As you listen to the video below, try and guess hat is making the different sounds.

Can you describe the sound?

Listening Game - Guess The Sound

As you watch the video write down on the sheet below what sounds you can hear. How good is your listening?

2pm Teams Call 

Collective Worship

Luke's Assembly The Lord's Prayer


Please look at the sheet below. This is to work on all week. By the end of the week you should have mastered this pattern. Some of the patterns are words and some are letter patterns for you to master. If you want to do more, try writing a sentence with these words. 

Story Time 

George's Marvellous Medicine Chapters 1&2

Listen to Mrs Rice read George's Marvellous medicine by Roald Dahl