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Wellbeing at Binfield CE Primary School

School well-being
All the classes at Binfield have a strong focus on mindfulness and wellbeing. The children take part in Circle Time every week, where they are encouraged to think about resolving issues and work on their growth mindset. Children take part in a variety of mindful activities such as yoga, Zen doodling and meditation. This ensures they are ready for learning and helps them to focus. Both staff and pupils are part of a well-being project (with Jenny Mosley), which ensures everyone at Binfield feels safe and secure to share their feelings and to have support from adults and peers alike.


Staff well-being
Here at Binfield School the well-being of staff is just as vital as the wellbeing of the pupils. We believe every adult matters and it is evident walking around the school that members of staff are happy and there is a positive morale. As a team, we go over and above to support each other with mentors, team meetings, celebration weeks and specific team building activities. We have a dedicated well-being committee and use all the mindfulness techniques we are teaching the children.