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Tuesday 8th

Century Tech

Log onto Century Tech and follow your Maths path this morning.  If you can't remember how to filter by course, please check out Mrs. M's video on the front Class page.  Try and score at least 80% on at least two nuggets.


Follow the taught lesson below on non-chronological reports.  Make sure you have a pen and paper handy so that you can join in with the activities.


Follow the lesson below on bar models for multiplication and division problems.

Collective Worship

Following on from Luke's Assembly yesterday, try this Pentecost Wordsearch.



Watch the video below about Greater Jihad.  There is also an information sheet for you to read through.  When you have done this, look at the 'snowflake'.  

Consider how much you agree with each of the statements.  If you agree strongly with the idea, put a dot on the line nearer to the box.  The closer to the centre, the less you agree with the statement.  When you have put a dot on the lines for every statement, join them together using a ruler.


Red Pen Question:  


Paddling : How easy is it to lead a ‘good’ life? 

Snorkelling/Diving: Do you have to be Muslim to do greater jihad? Explain your thinking.

The Greater Jihad