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wb 27.9.21



Reading Comprehension


Please complete the activities below the daily videos.

Monday - Tens and ones using addition

Tuesday - Using a place value chart

Wednesday - Compare objects

Thursday - Compare numbers

Friday - Order objects and numbers

Afternoon Lessons


We have been thinking of our rights and responsibilities this term. We have a behaviour chart in class and our 'Binfield School Rules' that we follow. Can you create your own class rights? 


KS1 - Mr Gooch's Catching Challenges.mp4

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Why is it important that we eat healthy? How does it make us feel? 

Watch these videos

Is Homer healthy?  

The Simpsons - Homer's out of breath

Mo Farah wins his last race

Who is healthier? How do you know? 

What happens to your body when you exercise? 

I predict that my skin/heart will…..when I ….. 

Go outside and run around for 5 minutes. What happens to your heart? Do it again with members of your family. Are there differences between your family members? 


Jesus Heals A Paralyzed Man

Watch the video of Jesus healing a stranger. Do you think this was easy for Jesus? Have you ever helped a stranger? Why could it be difficult? Pretend to be the paralyzed man. How could you thank Jesus?


Florence Nightingale

What facts can you find out about Florence Nightingale?

Story Time

We Are All Born Free

Be Kind

Kindness is My Superpower Read Aloud

What makes a good friend?

The Mixed-Up Chameleon