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Wednesday 20th

Good Morning!

Please log on to Teams at 9am and join us for our morning 'Hello!' 

Century Tech:

Log onto Century Tech and complete the assignment named 'Y6 Reading 20.1.21'. 

There are two nuggets to complete.


Watch the taught lesson below on multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 when working with decimal numbers.

Then, have a go at the practice sheets below. (Select your level of challenge depending on how confident you are.  Don't forget - if it's too difficult, or too easy, you can always try a different one!)

Don't forget to do some TTRS today at some point!

Wednesday Maths 20.1.21 Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 with decimals


Log onto the lesson below, based on 'Tell Me No Lies' by Malorie Blackman.

Watch the videos on the page and have a go at the activities.


Watch Mrs Mistry's video as she explains how to improve on your ideas from yesterday...follow her tips and your poem will be amazing :-)

Improving our poetry notes - weds.mp4

Still image for this video


Can you unscramble the letters in these anagrams to find all of this week's spellings? Try not to peek at your spelling lists!


Watch the taught lesson below on Changing Coastlines.

There are two other videos to watch as part of the lesson.

Then there is a sheet on which to put your reflections, reasoning and ideas.

Changing Coastlines

Still image for this video

Good afternoon!

Please log onto Teams at 2pm for our afternoon catch-up.

Collective Worship:

Take another look at the Bible reading from yesterday.

What do you think Moses, Elijah and Jesus said when they talked?

How do you think that Peter, John and James felt when Jesus picked them out?

Why do you think that the disciples kept quiet about all of this?

If they did keep quiet, how do you think Luke found out in order to put it in his gospel?