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Logon to Teams at 9am to hear your instructions for the day.

Start the day doing something active.

Fine Motor Control

Watch the video to check you are using the correct pencil grip.

Practise writing your full name, making sure your capital letters are larger than your lower case letters.


Learn/revise the new sounds

ea’ cup of tea

Read all the sounds (see list below – you should also have sheets, booklets or flash cards in your book bag )


ea as in tea,  oi as in spoil,  a-e as in cake,
   i-e as in smile,  o-e as in home,  u-e as in huge,
   aw as in yawn,  are as in care,  ur as in nurse,
   er as in letter,  ow as in cow,  ai as in rain,
   oa as in boat,  ew as in chew,  ire as in fire,
   ear as in hear,  ure as in pure

   ue as in rescue,  ie as in tie,
    au as in astronaut,  e-e as in complete,
    kn as in knock,  ck as in clock,
    wh as in whisk,  ph as in photo




If you were in Miss Hill or Mrs Bagshaw's group, you will be doing Scruffy Ted. 

Everyone else will be doing The Duckchick.


Please click on the links below for the resources.


Have a go at Fred talking (sounding out) the Green Storybook words.

Now try the Red Words.

Finally read the Speedy Green words trying 'Fred in the head'.


Ask an adult to read the story introduction to you.

Now have a go at reading the story yourself.

To finish, ask an adult to read the story to you.  Can you follow along with your finger?


Watch the video and complete the task on the video.

Spring1.2.1 - Add by counting on activity

This is "Spring1.2.1 - Add by counting on activity" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Mental Maths

Try the Robot game.

Teams call 2pm


Collective Worship

If you can't join the call, please listen to our school prayer.

School prayer

Still image for this video


If the weather is nice, go and play outside in your garden or go for a walk with your family.  

If this is not possible, try some Cosmic Yoga.