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Monday 1st

Teams call 9am.

Log onto our teams call at 9am ready to hear the plan for the day. 

Joe Wicks' P.E

Century Tech:

Log on to Century Tech and complete your assignment for today: 'Y6 SPaG 1.2.21'

There are three nuggets in this assignment.

Make sure you are going back if you score less than 80%... yes


Watch the video below and Mrs. M will explain how to let Century Tech tailor the work individually for you.  You may want to make some notes, although you can watch the video as many times as you like.  

Today, tomorrow and Wednesday, you will be following your maths path on Century Tech, letting the Artificial Intelligence take you back to prior learning if you are struggling and pushing you on if you need more of a challenge.  Mrs. M will also talk you through your own dashboard, where you can find your personal feedback about your strengths and areas for development.


How to use Century Tech A.I. and personalisation

Still image for this video


Read the 'Octopus' text and answer the questions about it. Save your answers until tomorrow, when we will mark it.

Please upload your sheets tomorrow, once you have marked it. 


Today you will be presenting your final set of instructions, either electronically or by hand. Watch the video so you know exactly what to do.

Presenting our Instructions.mp4

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How to make a video on powerpoint.mp4

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Familiarise yourself with this week's spelling words and then have a go at the puzzle.

Mrs Everett and Mrs Slade-Baker's Spelling group:

Watch Mrs Everett's video about prefixes.


Still image for this video


Watch Mrs. Duncan's video carefully.  You will need a pencil and paper as well as your project sheets from last Monday's lesson.

Yr6 Week 5 Dreams and Goals3

Afternoon catch-up:

Log onto Teams at 2pm and join us for our afternoon 'How are you?'

Collective Worship:

Luke's Candlemas Assembly - Part II