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Supporting children through lockdown and returning to school.

Adult self help

A short video clip about taking care of ourselves as adults.

A routine

A short clip on the importance of a daily routine.

I hope you are all well and getting through the day with a balance of work, relaxation, mindfulness and fun!


Below is a link to a course I completed today with Future Learn. Although it says 'Youth' I think is a worthwhile short course. Lots of relevant information for children. It also looks at us as parents and our feelings, actions and responses and how they impact on our children. Has a wealth of websites for advice and guidance. (A. Duncan)

Good mental health

Activities for both adults and children for coping with Covid19 from Every life matters.


Ted talks from Susan David - Psychologist from Harvard University.


NHS top tips for staying at home.


Home activity packs from “Thinkyouknow” about online safety especially put together by CEOP


Some useful links for both parents and carers.


Talking to a child worried about Coronavirus