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Tools for Life

Our Power Tools have an impact long into the future.  They equip children with the resilience and confidence they need to continue to be life-long learners.


Quotes from staff:
“I have improved my positive mindset when faced with challenging activities, using perseverance. Planning and revising tools have helped me to meet the objectives of my course by using bubble maps to plan out parts of each assignment and where they might relate to other parts of the course (for cross referencing).”


 “I utilise each of De Bono’s hats to meet the various requirements of the course, specifically yellow hat helps me to stay positive, white hat to remember the facts, green hat for new ideas. I also use learning muscles such as questioning, distilling, planning, reasoning and capitalising in order to help me meet the learning objective.”


Quotes from parents:
“I strongly feel that my children will learn to use tools that will benefit them throughout their life.  Not just at school but in their careers too!” (Year 5 parent).


 “These (power tools) have helped promote independent thinking and good use of initiative.”
(Y2 parent)


 Quotes from former pupils:
“I still use absorption, perseverance and capitalising in particular at secondary school.  They help me develop my work and think more about the concept.  I use them in all my subjects, particularly English and History.


Capitalising has been very beneficial to me, as I need to find reliable sources and linking them together is key.

I would recommend power tools to others as it helps you prove a point and have more trust worthy sources.”  (Y10 student)


“They help me when people are distracting and when I think I can not do a task.  Absorption has been the most beneficial to me.


I would recommend power tools as they help you all through life, like interviews, jobs, different schools and more.”  (Y7 student)


Maths Tools for Life


Our staff are inspired to keep learning …


“Using a growth mindset attitude and great collaboration, the staff here at Binfield have been keen to undertake training and attend CPD sessions to learn new approaches to develop children’s reasoning and problem solving skills. This has helped to transform the way that Maths is taught here at Binfield.”


John Sutton, Maths Subject Leader