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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


"If your child is isolating at home please see below for work that they can cover while they are away from school."

Year 2


All children in Year 2 are provided with a fruit snack from the government scheme. If you child would prefer their own fruit they are allowed to bring it in. 

Year 2 Home Learning

In Year 2 it is expected that you complete 20 minutes of home learning a night.

Example: 10 minutes reading; 5 minutes spellings, 5 minutes Maths Minutes or TT Rockstars.


The expectation in Year 2 is at least 10 minutes reading daily. Please document what they have done in their reading record. Even if they are not reading a school book, please document this. We will also be sending a comprehension sheet later in the term, so please spend at least one reading session a week doing this. We change our books on a Monday and Friday. Your children need their reading books in everyday so the adults in the school can monitor their fluency and comprehension. 


In the home learning book you will find weekly spellings to learn. There will be 6 each week and each half term you will find a new list. If your child is able to spell the words, please help them write them within a sentence.

Maths Minutes

Maths Minutes are a strip of simple calculations to develop mathematical fluency. Most days we attempt a strip at school. Children have up to 1 minute to complete the strip and should be aiming to get no more than 3 wrong in each strip. When they have completed 3 or 4 strips correctly, they will move onto a different strip. To support their learning, on a Thursday, we will send home the strips the children have been doing at school. Please help your child go through these and practise the strips again to beat the number they can do in 1 minute.

Home Learning

Please find attached an optional home learning grid.  This should only be done once you have finished your daily Reading, Spelling and Maths. If you would like to show your teacher what you have done, you can hand in your book in on a Thursday and they will have a look and hand it back to you on a Friday.