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Monday - Select money


Tuesday - Count money - pounds


Wednesday - Count money - notes and coins


Thursday - Select money


Friday - Find change

If you have time you may wish to complete the end of block assessment. Please use the answer sheets to self assess.


Monday - Prediction

Download and print 'Lesson 1 - Front cover puzzle pieces'. Can you cut them out and put them together to make a front cover? What book are we learning about? What type of book is it? Is it story, poem, non - chronological report or an information book?  What will happen in this book? Write a prediction about what will happen throughout the book. 


Today we will be text marking. Does anyone know what that means? We will be looking in depth at the start of the story. Today we will be text marking. Does anyone know what that means? We will be looking in depth at the start of the story.

Print out Lesson 2 - Text Marking. Use a different coloured pen to write questions and underline key information that we learn about the characters as we read the story. 

  • Who can find the main character?
  • Who is telling the story?
  • Why is it strange that the door bell is ringing?
  • What word tells you that it is unusual for the doorbell to ring?
  • How does Sophie feel about the door bell ringing?
  • What is a synonym for wonder?
  • Do all the sentences start the same? Why has the author done that?

Can you write the next sentence for the story?


Today we are learning the key vocabulary! Watch the video below and write down any words you don't know the meaning of. 

Story time: The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Activity 1

Now you have a list can you use the word mat to check any of your spellings?

Activity 2 

Can you match the correct words, pictures and definitions to each other? This will help as we continue to read and understand the story. You may wish to add actions as well. 

Thursday - Acting out the story and drawing a story map

Part 1

Activity 1 

Now we have learned the key vocabulary and watched the story can you create a story map? Watch the taught video below to help you. 

Activity 2

Today we are going to be acting out the story! When we act out the story, we can remember it much better. In class we are practising our actions and performing them to the other class. Can you use actions to retell the story and upload your performance to twitter? Watch the video above to give you some ideas!


We are going to finish acting out our story today. 

Why do we learn key vocabulary and act out the story before we begin writing? 

Acting Out the Story of 'The Tiger who Came to Tea' Part 2

Reading Comprehension

Mental Maths 

Afternoon Subjects


Watch the video below. Why do we make promises? 

Identify promise you would like to make. Why have you chosen this promise and what will you do to keep your promise?

Do you know a religious person who made a promise?

Sully the Seagull | A Story About Keeping Promises



Katie Morag: The Island Tour of Struay on CBeebies and CBBC

Can you spot the human and physical features of the island?


What technology can you use to take photos with? Today please go on a walk to take photos of your environment. How does the light affect the photo?