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wb 5.07.21 Writing a Letter



Today we are beginning to think about writing a letter to your new teacher. Please watch the video below and plan what you will write. What do you need in a letter?

How to write a letter

After you have watched the video created a list or mind map of features that you should include.


Today you are going to writing your first draft. Remember our writing is not going to be perfect the first time! Please use your targets to help you. Look at the example underneath. Is this a good example? How could you improve it? 

Year 2 Writing: A letter to your new teacher

Watch this taught lesson. Can you plan your letter using the worksheet?

Wednesday - Handwriting 

Please click on the link below to practise different handwriting patterns. 


Thursday - Grammar

Can you use all 4 types of sentences in your writing? Click on the link below to explore commands, statements, exclamations and questions. Prepare one of each to be included in your letter. 

Four Kinds of Sentences


Today please write the finished and improved version letter to your new teacher. Remember that this is the first impression of you that your new teacher recieves. 



Writing time


Hours and Days


Find durations of time


Compare durations of time


Math Challenges

If you have completed all of the tasks with ease, please have a go at these challenges.

Remember to explain your answers to your adult. 

Mental Maths

Reading Comprehension

Afternoon Lessons


How do you feel about moving up to Year 3? Can you write about how you are feeling? What are you looking forward to? What might you be nervous about? 

Art (Lesson 1)

 Outdoor Activity

Can you make a sculpture of an insect using natural materials? 

Art (Lesson 2)

Can you make another model of an insect using recycling materials? 

How will you join your materials? 


Imagine you are a Jew, how do you show commitment to God?  

Order the ways you show commitment to God from the MOST important to the least important.  

Write a sentence next to the pictures explaining why you have chosen that order. 


Today we are learning about food chains.

Watch the video below and look at the PowerPoint to learn about food chains. Use the starter activity to make food chains using the pictures. Then pick one of the activities to show your knowledge of food chains. 

Collective Worship

Luke's Assembly - Spiritual Gifts