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Fine Motor Control




Scruffy Ted Group

Practise your 'ay' sound.



Try some of the games on Spellzone for 'ay'.

The Duckchick Group

Today you are going to write about how Mama Hen got a shock.  Think again about what Mama Hen thought when she saw the duckchick for the first time.  Use the writing frame below to help you. 


NB children find it hard to write on frames like this, so it's better to write it on a separate piece of paper.  Please only write for the length of time for the lesson.  Don't worry if they haven't finished.  Words should be phonetically correct, not necessarily spelt correctly.


Check you have used capital letters, full stops  and finger spaces.

Upload your writing onto Teams when you have finished.


Watch the video and complete the worksheet when prompted.

Spring1.2.5 - Find and make number bonds

This is "Spring1.2.5 - Find and make number bonds" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Mental Maths

Daily 10

You will have to select the appropriate level for your child.  For most children, 'addition up to 10 adding ones' or 'addition up to 20 adding ones' will be best.

Make sure you set the timer to manual.



Watch the narrated Powerpoint.

On the sheet below, write what you can see.
Teams 2pm

Collective Worship

Listen to the song and join in.


Bright Stanley