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Friday 15.01.2021

Morning Task 8:30-9:00am

Spend 30 mins on TT Rockstars this morning!

See if you can improve your speed and challenge your friends!

We'll be checking your scores so try your best laugh

9am Teams

Please may you log onto Teams at 9am for our Daily Welcome and explanation of the work for the day. 


We will also listen to part of a story which will help you with your English!



Guided Reading 9:30-10:00


Your task for today is an assignment on Teams.

B.O.L.E 10:00-11:00

This is our BOLE slot! Your challenge today is to search for different habitats!

You could do this in your garden, looking out your window, or on your daily walk!

Can you see any bird nests? Microhabitats? Signs of minibeasts? 

Please consider the similarities and differences between them surprise

Spelling Game 11:00-11:20

A key reading and writing skill is proofreading. Can you use your proofreading and editing skills to find your way through this maze? You could use a dictionary to help you! 


Maths 11:35-12:20

Today we are going to recap the 2 times-table!

First, for a recap, please can you watch this taught White Rose Maths Lesson and the Percy Parker Song!



White Rose Recap Lesson - 2 Times-table

2 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Wave Your Arms In The Air With Percy

Next, test your skills and try the 2 times table game!

You could play with someone at home, or set up with one of your toys! 

The game required counters and a dice. If you don't have these, try your best and use what you have. Maybe you could use small stones as the counters? Or sweets? 

English 13:00-14:00


Today, we are going to be planning our own setting for our very own mystery story. In order to do this, we need to think carefully about how we are going to make things spooky and create suspense. Watch the video below to help you create your perfect setting!


You may wish to also read the 'The Manor House'. There is a copy of the text with audio in your content library. 

English task

Still image for this video

2pm Teams 

Please log onto Teams again for our daily feedback session. 

Jigsaw 2:30-3:10pm

First work through this powerpoint with audio notes from Miss Watton!


Next, use this template to draw a picture celebrating your family!

Collective Worship Thought of the Day

Today's Collective Worship is our Pupil of the Week Celebration!

Although we may not be able to celebrate the achievements of individual pupils, Miss Watton and Miss George are extremely proud of all the effort you have put in this week. 


The theme this week was "Good Ideas and Using our Green Thinking Hat". 

Can you reflect on a time this week where you had a good idea? How did it make you feel? Did you share your idea with anyone else?