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NOTE - Today, we would like you to take a photo of your Maths, when you have completed it, and upload it to Teams.

Mental Maths

We'd like you to spend 20 minutes on T.T. Rockstars - including a sound-check.


The Game is On!

This week, there's a TT Rockstars Battle between 5TA (Totally Awesome!) and 5JS (Jolly Smart!). May the best team win!


Century Tech

Please choose two Grammar modules from your learning pathway and complete them, remembering to make note and take your time. To do this, select the next Grammar related nugget from your learning pathway. It may help to filter your learning pathway, so it only shows the 'English' modules.


If you would like further help with how to do this, watch the first video on this page:




The handwriting is to be completed at a convenient time during the day.


Word changers.mp4

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Watch the video above on word changers and pause at different points so that you can have a go at the tasks.

Guided Reading

Task 1- What does Chapter 9 tell you about Mina? Think about how Mina comes across as a character is she stubborn, arrogant etc.

Task 2- Explain what the following quotations tell us about Mina. Write a list of adjectives that could describe Mina. 

"She was in a tree."

"She had a book and a pencil in her hand"

"She was little and she had hair as black as coal and the kind of eyes you think can see right through you."

"You've scared it away. Typical."

"She opened her book."

"Do you like birds? [...] Do you like drawing?"

"Drawing makes you look at the world more closely."

"I look forward to seeing you again. I'd also like to see your baby sister if that can be arranged."


Today, you need to select a word from your list on yesterday and put them together to make an interesting combination. Here’s how it works:

Places                                Abstract nouns                              Combinations

Church            +              love                                                    The church of love

Village              +              dreams                                             The village of dreams


Also, look at your list from last week on Friday of the list of names:

City                    +           Silence                                      The City of Silence

Jungle                +           Fury                                           The Jungle of Fury


Create your very own list. This can form as the title of your poem.



First, watch Video 1 and complete the activity that Mr Sutton discusses.


Then, watch Video 2 and complete the activity about perimeter.

Video 1

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Video 2

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Now after watching the video complete the sheet.

If you are feeling confident, have a go at one of these extensions.

The answers to yesterday's Maths activities are here.

Outdoor Activity


In today's outdoor activity we will be writing a poem about our family tree.


First, watch video 1 and complete activity 1.


When you have finished this, watch video 2 and complete activity 2 (use the work you have done in activity 1 to help you).


When you have completed activity 2, you should use it to help you write the finished version of your poem.  There is an example finished poem which you may use to help you to write your own version.

Video 1

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Video 2

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Collective worship

Wednesday Assembly.mp4

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Watch the video above which goes through any New Year Resolutions that some of you possibly made.