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Supporting Reading

Supporting Reading in Year 2 


Should you wish to further support your child at home here are some alternative reading options.


Reading Booklets

We are now focusing on fluency and comprehension in our phonics sessions.  Please read and complete the comprehension questions that are in line with your reading stage.

Stage 6 and below * 

Stages 7 – 8 **

Stages 9 + ***

These can be completed in any order


Past SATS Papers 

There are a range of papers available to use to support children's learning. In school we use papers from 2015 to assess children throughout the year. The papers available on this website are to support home learning and allow you to ask comprehension questions.  If you wish, you may use these booklets instead of your child's reading book occasionally.  Before 2015, there were two levels of entry, Level 2 and 3. This was before the National Curriculum changed it's levels. Please use these booklets to support your child's learning rather than assess them at home. Whilst these booklets no longer reflect levels used in school, they do help to develop fluency and inference skills. 


90 words booklets 

By the end of Year 2, your child should be able to read 90 words in a minute and understand what they have read in order to achieve their end of year expectations. These cards are designed to help you to practise this skill at home.


Recommended Reading List 

This is a list that has been compiled by members of Binfield Primary School to promote a love of learning and explore more diverse and contemporary authors as well as some classics. 


Sounds Mats

These are some of the sound mats we use in school to support sounding out and decoding words. They also help with spellings.