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W/b 31.1.22


Early Morning Activities




Century Tech: complete at least 2 nuggets on 'My Path.'



Spellings: Practise your spellings for this week. 

Monday: Click the link below and complete the Oak Academy lesson on 'To practise writing complex sentences.'

Tuesday: Click the link below and complete the Oak Academy lesson on 'To explore the past, present and future progressive tense.'

Wednesday: Click the link below and complete the Oak Academy lesson on 'To practise using precise verbs and adverbs for characterisation.'

Thursday: Read the information below and watch the videos.

Activity: Write a first person recount about the night of the murder from Macbeth's point of view. 


You may use the suggested structure and word bank below to help you. 


Try to:

- use imaginative description (expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors, adverbial phrases)

- extend your sentences (conjunctions, fronted adverbials, relative clauses)

- punctuate accurately (commas, capital letters, possessive apostrophes, colons, semi colons)

- include some direct speech

Guided Reading

Spend some time completing reading nuggets on Century Tech.


Foundation Subjects:



Art - create a digital image


Click on the link below for the 'Hour of Code' website.

Choose a game and spend some time completing the activities.

Can you successfully complete the activities to write a code for the game?

How many codes can you write? What can your code do?


If you spot a mistake in your code, can you correct it?


Click the link below and complete the Oak Academy lesson on 'Where do different colours come from?'


Read the information on the link below.

Now, have a go at the online activity below.


*NOTE* Our RE lesson today will be exploring Christian funerals. Please do NOT complete the RE lesson below if you think you will find it upsetting. There is an alternate activity underneath for you. 

Christian Funerals: Watch the videos on the link below.

Read the information sheet below.

Activity: Create a poster to show what a Christian funeral is link. Try to consider how Christian funerals reflect Christian beliefs about the afterlife. 

Alternate Activity: Read the information and watch the video on the link below.

Activity: Humanists believe that it is right to live a good life, even if you don't believe in life after death. What do you think? Justify your reasoning.


Challenge: Try to consider both sides of the argument.