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Thursday 14th

Good morning!:

Log onto Teams at 9am for our morning 'Hello!'


Join Joe for his morning 'wake-up'.


Log onto Century Tech and complete today's assignment 'Y6 SPaG 14.1.21'

Don't settle for less than 80% today... angel


Watch the taught lesson below on finding fractions of a quantity.

You will need some paper or a whiteboard handy to work some things out as the lesson goes on.

Then have a go at the practice sheet underneath.


Read your own book for 30 minutes.  Then ask someone else to play 'fastest finger first' with you.

Ask them to say one of the words on the page out loud.  How quickly can you find it? laugh




Watch the video below about how to use semi colons. 

Write the introduction on Teams, using yesterday’s ideas.  

We are expecting approximately the first ten sentences.   

Remember to use all five (6?) of your senses to help the reader imagine they are actually there. 

After writing, can you try and include a semi-colon in your writing? 


Use the document to practise this week's spellings.  Can you ask someone to test you?


Watch Y6 demonstrating how the school network works.  From their role-play, can you draw the school network like you drew your family or friends network yesterday?

Start with the server in the middle of your page. (You might need to watch the video a couple of times!)

Afternoon catch-up:

Log onto Teams at 2pm and join us for our afternoon 'How are you?'

Collective Worship:

Listen to and join in with this hymn.  You always sing it so beautifully in school!