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Wb 14.09.20


This week we are learning about 'The Heart and the Bottle'. Below you will find different activities to complete. 



Please discuss what you think the story will be about. This is called a prediction. Talk about the main character and where you think the story will be set. You may also wish to think about the title, 'The Heart and the Bottle'. What will happen in this story? 


Oliver Jeffers: Picture Book Maker

Who do you think this is?


What do those words in the title mean? What can you see on the front cover? What normally goes in a heart and a bottle? What do you love? Draw a heart and fill it with things you love. 


Look at the front cover. What can we see? Please read the blurb below. What might happen in this story? Look at the front cover of the story. Where is her heart?  Can you draw your own front cover for the book? 


Watch up to the page where she took delight in finding new things…

 What new things has she found out about in the story? What things have you enjoyed doing over the summer? What did you miss doing?

The Heart and the Bottle

This video is about The Heart and the Bottle


Make a list of words / phrases that describe how the girl feels at the start of the story, when she finds the empty chair, and at the end of the story. 


This week we are learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Please practise these number patterns at home. 

You may also wish to refresh your minds on how we make 10 and 20. Can you spot a pattern?  


Afternoon Activities 

At this point in the year, we are focusing on consolidating key skills.

- Please use natural resources to make sums that equal 10. 

- Can you come up with words with the u - e phoneme? cube, tube, Luke 

- Practise reading up to 90 words in a minute. 

- Can you learn to tell the time? How does that link to counting in 5s? 

- Read lots of poetry. Can you spot the rhyming words? There is a link to the Gruffalo below to help you. 


Below are some free websites for you to use to support your learning.