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Celebrating birthdays at Binfield

It is a very popular tradition for children to want to celebrate their birthday with their fellow classmates at Binfield. Whilst we encourage positive celebration and fully partake in singing ‘Happy Birthday’, etc, we also need to be mindful of others and the need to promote being healthy.


As such, if your child wishes to bring in a treat to share on their birthday, they may bring a small cake (e.g. fairy cake) for each of their classmates. However, it must be nut free and not contain sweets. Alternatives such as packets of dried fruit would be suitable instead, but packets of sweets, chocolate bars or ice creams/lollies are not permissible.


We request that cakes are kept to a fairy cake size, as with 30 birthdays in each class this will equate to almost one per week!


There is no obligation on any child to bring in a treat to share. If your child suffers from any food intolerance or allergy, you may wish to talk to your child’s class teacher and provide an alternative treat which could be used as a substitute, or withdraw them from receiving a treat.


Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.