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Morning Task 8:30-9:00am


TT Rockstars - challenge your friends or try and beat your own scores.

We are checking your scores. Your target is to reach at least 20mins a day!

9am Teams


Please may you log onto Teams at 9am for our Daily Welcome and explanation of the work for the day. 


Guided Reading 9:30-10:00

Library Race

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English 10:00-10.50

News Report

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Handwriting 10.50 - 11.20

Watch this animation to learn how to correctly form the letter "t"!

Try to practice the letter t on some lined paper to ensure you understand how the letter fits within the lines. 


Afterwards you could draw an outline of something beginning with t (I chose a tortoise) and fill it in with coloured letters! As I made my picture on the computer, it is not perfect! Try to take your time and make your letters neater to beat the teacher! laugh

Maths 11:35-12:20

First, watch this video for Short Column Multiplication with Exchange! laugh


Short Multiplication with Exchange

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Next have a go at solving these equations- column multiplication style! Consider whether you need to exchange or not. laugh Use the square paper to practice the correct layout. 
Finally, test your new knowledge and have a go at your Century Tech Assignment. The assignment is called 

Multiplication 23.2.2021. It contains one nugget : Short Multiplication [PM3.12]. Make sure you watch the video and go through the slides. I've filmed a quick help video below for you. You should aim to score 80%+ so take your time.wink

Century Tech Tips 23.2.2021 - How to have another go at an assignment

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RE 13.10 - 14.00




Easter Lesson 1

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The Lord's Prayer

2pm Teams 


We hope to see you for a round up of the day. There will also be a chance to share any work you have completed.

Century Tech 14.30 - 14.50

Make sure you complete all set assignments. It is important that you watch all the videos which go with the nuggets as they will help you to achieve a higher score. 

Mindfulness/Reading Time 14.50 - 15.10


First you can watch and complete the mindfulness paper sculpture activity below laugh

Then you can spend some time reading your own book or an Oxford Owl Book online!

Mindfulness Paper Sculptures.mp4

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